Yamaha FG800 Guitar Review

This renowned Yamaha acoustic guitar is a is built to fit budget spending, but focuses completely on performance. The FG800 is a very good product from the Japanese company with a variety of musical instruments covering both beginners editions and professional equipment.

The craftsmanship discovered on this acoustic guitar is spectacular for an instrument that come at a price so much below $300. It is definitely going to show up in many of your search results for best beginner acoustic guitars, or best guitars to buy on a budget. The point here is that it is very popular for its affordable prices and top rated performance.

Below are the review details that show why the Yamaha FG800 Guitar is an instrument you should own;


Yamaha FG800 has a solid Sitka Spruce top, and its back and sides are manufactured with mostly Nato or Okume materials. The acoustic guitar also has smooth fingerboard and bridge beautifully made with Rosewood.

This guitar comes with many different gloss finishing materials and colours including maple, sunburst, natural, mahogany, black, and more creative styles. The tuners are die-cast chrome materials seated at the headstock, and the neck is made from Nato material (which is a type of eastern mahogany) and Matt finish.


This instrument is a dreadnought style acoustic guitar, with lightweight traditional western body design. It has a scale length of about 25.5 inches, and an improved scalloped style bracing that provides durable structuring for the instrument.

The pickguard is of faux tortoiseshell near the sound hole with the rosette; it has 20 frets, and the neck meets the body at the 14th fret. The strings are well positioned and supported by the saddle at the bridge side.


Tone and sound projections from the solid top materials of this guitar is of great quality, and very much better that what the laminated materials produce. The musical sounds are fantastic especially with the benefit of loud resonance projected by the dreadnought body shape.

This instrument has a very mellow tone with smoothly projected core sound. The tuners establish well-balanced tones when the strings strums, and the music enjoys the benefits.


Talking about being comfortable to play any style of music, the Yamaha FG800 holds its rich and warm sounds as you play. It fine-tunes your strumming and does not over project the sounds.
This instrument is designed to be best friends with beginners, and this is one friend that does not disappoint you. The action on this acoustic guitar comes a little bit high on playing immediately from the box, but some adjustments will simply get you on sweet tracks.

It actually used to seem like the low priced equipment are never an option to look at, but here is one low priced guitar you must check out especially if you are a beginner or you plan to buy on a budget. Prepare to enjoy warm and very sweet tones when you purchase the FG800 and learn to play it beautifully. You will notice the admiration of your pals as the beauty of this acoustic guitar steals their attention.




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